Nurse tests positive for coronavirus after second vaccine dose cancelled

An A&E nurse tested positive for coronavirus after a second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine was canceled during a third lockdown.

David Longden, 43, described the decision to postpone the second Pfizer dose for frontline NHS staff as “myopic”.

Mr Longden, 43, an A&E nurse at the NHS Princess of Wales Hospital in Bridgend, tested positive after his second dose of vaccine was canceled.

He is now isolating himself in a garden log cabin at his Pontypridd home, away from his partner Andrew Price.

He said WalesOnline : “The government needs to protect its frontline NHS workers – not doing so is only myopic.

“I’ve been incapacitated for a few days now while the emergency room is overcrowded with patients. Bridgend is one of the areas in Wales with the highest rates of coronavirus.”

He added, “I also run the risk of exposing my partner to the virus. He’s diabetic and has many other health problems. So if I had this second dose I would have calmed down as much as he did.”

“I had a headache and then a terrible cold. I also had diarrhea the day before and then just felt ‘fluey’ and lethargic,” he said.

“I became increasingly unwell and had many of the typical Covid symptoms such as loss of taste and smell, but luckily I still had no temperature.”

“I never tested positive with Covid in the first wave and I am very vigilant about washing my hands as I have tried to protect my partner as much as possible,” he added.

“But with this new strain, it’s 50% more virulent and I think that’s clearly the case.”

“I can fully understand the logic of protecting as many people as possible, but I believe this has had a detrimental effect on compliance with the evidence,” added David, who still has mild symptoms of the disease.

“In the first wave, the front line workers were not always protected from the virus due to the lack of PPE. Now I think that despite the fact that we have a vaccine with 95% immunity, the staff are again not facing the virus completely protected. It’s a double blow. “


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