NVIDIA Canvas: AI That Turns Doodles Into Drawings Wins Beta

Nvidia This Wednesday (23) launched the beta version of Canvas, an artificial intelligence tool that turns doodles into landscapes. The app is free to download from the brand’s website and promises to streamline the creative process, making it possible to paint with materials instead of colors. Canvas is part of Nvidia Studio, an initiative of the company that aims to make the lives of artists easier through hardware and software.

First introduced in 2019, Nvidia Canvas was developed by the company’s research group. Artificial intelligence uses an adversary generative network (GAN) for machine learning.

Instead of training just one neural network, GAN uses two different networks that compete with each other. While one interprets the scribbles and generates images, the other knows details of nature, points out adjustments or removes errors. The app was created using the company’s DGX Station server and studied approximately five million images.

The AI ​​was named GauGAN in honor of the Post-Impressionist painter Paul Gaugin.

More freedom to create references

The artist uses a palette of materials to draw simple shapes that generate ecosystems in real time. For example, if you draw a line in the bottom corner with the “water” tool, a sea will form on the side.

This allows you to instantly see the results of experiments, with the creative process taking precedence over pure engineering as the AI ​​takes care of the details. Lighting styles are also available to give that “tchan” on the sketch – there are nine lighting options and 15 materials on offer.

This makes it easier and faster to create conceptual art references, and the professional doesn’t have to spend hours searching for the right photo on Google Images.

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