Officials 'urgently' working to fix new Covid NHS app

Officials 'urgently' working to fix new Covid NHS app

Coronavirus test results conducted at an NHS hospital or Public Health England laboratory cannot be linked to the newly launched NHS Covid-19 app, officials have admitted.

The app, which has been available for download across England and Wales since Thursday, has been hailed by Health Secretary Matt Hancock as an “important step forward” in the fight against the virus.

According to official information, results of tests carried out in a Public Health England laboratory or an NHS hospital, as well as tests carried out as part of the Office for National Statistics’ national monitoring program, cannot currently be linked to the app.

The Department of Health and Welfare (DHSC) said it is aware of the problem and is “working urgently” to resolve it.

A tweet on the official app account states: “If your test was carried out in a Public Health England laboratory or an NHS hospital or as part of national surveillance tests by the National Statistics Office, the test results cannot currently be linked to the app be you are positive or negative. “

The tweet came in response to a user who said they had a test and wanted to enter the result into the app, but was asked for a code that they didn’t receive with their test result.

A spokeswoman for the DHSC said the results of the tests booked through the app are currently being recorded automatically.

She said: “We are working urgently to include positive tests for people who have not yet received a code in the Covid-19 app.

“NHS Test and Trace will continue to contact people via text, email, or phone if your test is positive and advise them to self-isolate. For those who don’t have a code, the contact tracers will soon be able to provide codes to insert into the app.

“When you book your test through the app, the results are automatically recorded in the app and the isolation countdown is updated.”



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