Ofgem to slash costs for building electric car charging stations

Ofgem has suggested that large charging stations for electric cars should not have to pay a connection fee in order to encourage the switch to electric driving.

The energy regulator said that new electricity consumers no longer have to pay to strengthen their local grid.

If a new location requires so much electricity that more capacity is required in the local network, the operator of the location has to pay for the retrofitting of the current system.

This makes it expensive, especially in areas where the network is underutilized or already heavily used.

“We propose to remove the connection fees for these network reinforcements and instead cover these costs through the current network fees that are paid by all users of the distribution system,” said Ofgem.

“This makes it cheaper to install new charging stations for electric cars at the locations where they are needed.”

Instead, the expansion of the local networks is paid for through the bills of all network users. However, new users in an area where there is no network still have to pay in advance to upgrade the system.

The UK needs to decarbonise most of its transport system if it is to meet its net zero target by 2050.

According to the Climate Change Committee, which advises the government, the number of electric vehicles could rise from half a million today to 14 million by 2030.

To support this, a nationwide network of charging points is required.

Neil Kenward, Director of Strategy and Decarbonization at Ofgem, said: “Electric vehicles will revolutionize the way we use energy and, through smart products, offer consumers new opportunities to enter the energy market and keep costs as low as possible keep.

Ofgem also wants to maximize the benefits of “smart charging” – where cars are charged outside of peak electricity usage times.

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