Ohio governor battles with CNN host over election security issues

“No, time out. The big picture with technological changes, potential hacking and all that stuff, ”DeWine replied. He also said the GOP challenge must be put in a “historical perspective,” referring to a failed challenge for the 2004 President’s results in Ohio.

The interview became more controversial as Tapper continued to insist that the real problem is not election fraud, but rather doubts about the system created by President Donald Trump’s repeated claims that he was cheated of victory. “This is about lies that undermine democracy,” said Tapper.

“Jake, you can clarify that,” DeWine said, “but I’ll come back to my point, which I believe is valid. And what is valid about it is that we have many people in this country who are questioning that choice. That’s a problem.”

DeWine later added that Tapper blamed the president: “Not that easy.”

Tapper replied, “It’s that simple.”

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