Ohio governor criticizes Trump administration on FDA mask ruling

Stories from front-line vendors paint a portrait of a serious shortage of this protective equipment that is designed for single use. Some vendors have told POLITICO the story that they get a face mask and face mask, wipe them themselves and put them in a paper bag overnight to use them again later. The CDC earlier this month, citing a lack of face masks, said vendors could use loose-fitting surgical masks despite vendors’ safety concerns.

The company could also send its technology to other countries affected by the corona virus. According to DeWine’s office, Battelle had planned to ship two machines to New York, Washington, and the Washington DC subway region.

DeWine on Twitter said Trump “understands the problem and says he will do anything to approve it today.” During an afternoon press conference, DeWine said Hahn told him it would be “cleared up” on Sunday.

“We’re not there yet,” added DeWine.

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