Omicron main symptoms and the hidden ones you should look out for

Omicron continues to spread rapidly in the UK, with the number of cases hitting record levels.

The UK registered 188,000 cases yesterday as 2022 approaches, but no further restrictions have been put in place for the new year.

However, there is evidence that the variant is milder than the Delta variant, and Boris Johnson suggested that most of the people who were hospitalized were unvaccinated.

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However, if you are wondering what the symptoms are, the sun has compiled a useful list of symptoms to be aware of.

a headache

The most common symptom of the latest variant of Covid is sweeping across the world.

Virologist and professor of molecular oncology, Professor Lawrence Young, told the Sun that headache, along with fatigue, is one of the symptoms people with Covid are prone to, especially those infected with the Omicron strain.


Another symptom that occurs early in people with Covid is fatigue. Covid-related fatigue would mean that people feel extremely tired even after periods of rest.

Sore throat

A scratchy throat is one of the earliest symptoms of Covid.

According to the ZOE Covid app, almost half of the people who tested positive for Covid complained of a sore throat.

However, it is usually relatively mild and lasts no more than five days.

Runny nose

A runny nose is the second most common Covid symptom.

According to ZOE data, around 60 percent of those who tested positive said they had a runny nose.

Professor Tim Spector of King’s College London previously warned people to be vigilant as Covid symptoms now look more and more like a cold.


While sneezing is not a typical Covid symptom and is mostly a sign of a cold, the ZOE study found that more frequent sneezing than usual among vaccinated people could actually be a sign of Covid.

to cough

Although a persistent cough is one of the most common Covid symptoms, the ZOE study found only four out of ten people who tested positive.


A common Covid symptom, high fever, means your body is responding to the infection and helping your immune system fight it off.

Conjunctivitis or conjunctivitis

According to Healthline, the virus penetrates the body’s cells through receptors for the enzyme called angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) by tricking it into thinking that it is the enzyme and not Covid.

The ACE2 receptors are located in parts of the eye, such as the retina and the epithelial cells that white the eye and line the eyelid.

Hair loss

Although hair loss is not a typical Covid symptom, according to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, hair loss is quite common after a high fever.

Hair loss, or telogen effluvium as it is medically called, occurs when more hair than normal enters its “waste” phase of the hair growth life cycle.

According to previous research, Omicron leads to a milder disease than the Delta variant – especially in vaccinated people.

Loss of taste and smell

A number of people who tested positive for the virus said they had lost their sense of smell (anosmia) and / or taste.

Some have said that their minds actually changed and things smelled differently than they used to, or the food tasted differently than they used to.

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