One beheaded and three others killed as police hunt 'militants' in Indonesia

A manhunt started after terrorists slaughtered four victims, including one who was beheaded, before burning their homes in Indonesia.

According to the police, 10 fanatics linked to a “terrorist group” beheaded a victim on Friday and cut the throats of the others on Sulawesi island.

Human rights groups claim the victims were targeted because they were Christians – but investigators have yet to confirm this.

“This attack is another serious escalation against the Christian minority in Indonesia,” Human Rights Watch researcher Andreas Harsono told Reuters.

Indonesia, the largest Muslim majority country in the world, has recently faced intermittent militant attacks.

Gomar Gultom, leader of the fellowship of churches in Indonesia, told Reuters that the victims were Christians and urged the authorities to resolve the case.

Gina Goh, International Christian Concern Regional Manager for Southeast Asia, said: “The ICC mourns the Indonesian brothers and sisters who were brutally murdered by the alleged terrorist.

“We urge the Indonesian government to take the necessary steps to hold him accountable and bring him to justice.

“Such a senseless act cannot be tolerated in the country with” Pancasila “, the state ideology that promotes religious harmony and tolerance.”


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