One in ten Brits believe dinosaurs still roam the Earth today

According to a study, one in ten Britons is convinced that there are still dinosaurs in some remote corner of the world.

A survey of 2,000 adults found that a fifth believe that the prehistoric animals existed 2,000 to 10,000 years ago – rather than 230 to 66 million years ago.

And while there are more than 1,000 different species of dinosaurs, the typical adult can only name five – with Tyrannosaurus rex the most famous.

It also found that 55 percent of parents feel that their child is “obsessed” with dinosaurs, and half admitted that their child knows more about prehistoric creatures than they are.

Research commissioned by Boat Rocker Studios to celebrate International Dinosaur Day on June 1 and the new preschool animated series Dino Ranch on Disney + also found that 55 percent of mothers and fathers believe that love for dinosaurs is passed on to their next generation has been.

University of Edinburgh paleontologist Professor Steve Brusatte said, “Dinosaurs continue to fascinate – there is still so much we don’t know about them.

“New discoveries by a dynamic generation of young scientists really changed the scientific perception of dinosaurs, and we now know that they were intelligent, active, dynamic animals that looked more like birds than the overgrown scaly lizards they are often portrayed.

“To be quite right, dinosaurs never really went extinct – birds descended from dinosaurs, which is what makes them dinosaurs.”

The survey also found that one in six adults believes that dinosaurs only lived in Africa, Mexico, and North America – unaware that their bones were found around the world.

A quarter believe that dinosaurs lived on Earth at the same time as prehistoric humans – although there are about 65 million years between them.

Another tenth believe that dinosaurs shared the roaming plains with modern elephants, which is closer – albeit still 10 million years younger than dinosaurs.

The survey also asked adults to name common dinosaurs based on image options and found that two-thirds couldn’t choose the long-necked brontosaurus from a series.

Another 33 percent couldn’t even identify the famous three-horned triceratops, despite being considered a children’s favorite over the years.

A dinosaur knowledge quiz is available so that adults and parents can measure their knowledge against their children and learn a thing or two. There is also a fun fact sheet to help them brush up on their dinosaur know-how.

Matt Fernandes, series creator, said, “It’s brilliant to see shows like Dino
Ranch help instill a strong love for dinosaurs in children today, and these great creatures still have an audience.

“Children love to be knowledgeable about adults, and I would say that most children can teach their parents about a variety of complicated dinosaur facts.

“The idea that giants walked the earth millions of years ago stimulates a child’s imagination without the fear of ever meeting one.”


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