'One million dead' worldwide from coronavirus pandemic

'One million dead' worldwide from coronavirus pandemic

Over a million people have now died from the coronavirus pandemic, over 33 million worldwide.

So far, 1,000,502 people have died according to the Worldometerwhich calculates the totals from sources such as governments and NGOs around the world.

The Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, which also collects global sums, has a value that is just below the million milestone of 995,352, but has a slightly longer delay time with its updates.

The US has the most fatalities with 209,296 deaths, while Brazil ranks second with 141,503 fatalities.

It comes after Boris Johnson criticized the lack of joint reflection by countries around the world in fighting the coronavirus when he called on leaders to come together.

The prime minister said the notion of the international community was “shredded” after the crisis, warning that “everyone will lose” if countries don’t work together to defeat the virus.

In a recorded speech delivered Saturday at the United Nations General Assembly, Johnson said the pandemic was an “extraordinary force for dividing”.

He added, “We are facing the same enemy, the same tiny adversary who threatens everyone in the same way. But the members of the United Nations have still carried out 193 separate campaigns, as if each country was somehow a different species of Contains people.

In mass graves in New York, bodies are buried in mass graves

“There have been endless curfews, restrictions and closings around the world, and we fought in the spirit of Sauve Qui Peut [every man for himself]. “

Instead, the prime minister urged, “We know we just can’t go on like this. If we don’t pull ourselves together, if we don’t unite and turn our fire on our common enemy, we know everyone will lose.”

“The inevitable result would be to prolong this calamity and increase someone else’s risk.

“Now is the time for humanity – here where I deeply hope it will be the first and last Zoom UNGA – to reach across borders and repair these ugly cracks.

“Let’s heal the world – literally and metaphorically. And let’s start with the truth, because as someone once said, the truth will set you free.”

Mr Johnson said alarm bells were ringing “long before this calamity occurred,” with eight deadly virus outbreaks in the past 20 years.



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