One more application removed from Google Play Store

In recent months, Google has removed some applications from the Play Store because they did not comply with the user agreement. The Parler application was removed from the Play Store because it provoked people to revolt after the US elections.

Parler removed from Google Play Store

Launched in 2018, Parler has been actively accused by many users of sending false information about the coronavirus.

A self-described neutral social network, Parler quickly gained popularity when it joined famous people such as Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Fox News presenter Sean Hannity.

Following recent events in the US, the Parler application was removed from broadcast due to Google’s incitement to violence.

After the events, Apple sent an email to the developers about the developments. The company stated that the terms of service needed to be rechecked, saying, “As a result of our investigation, we discovered that Parler was encouraging illegal activity. Please review our terms of service again. Expressions Used.

The Parler application has been removed due to the incentive to force clause in user and developer contracts. Apple is expected to take the same step for Parler in the near future.

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