OnePlus Nord 2 Explodes In A Lawyer’s Coat in India

A lawyer and activist in India claims to have been the victim of an explosion that left his… OnePlus North 2 5G smart phone. According to Gaurav Gulati, the device was in his pocket without being used or charged when it started to heat up and later caught fire.

Realizing the incident, the lawyer threw his coat on the floor before the small explosion caused by the device.

Photos taken by the lawyer show the condition of the garment, in addition to the device being completely damaged. He filed a complaint against the manufacturer and now wants to ban the sale of the model in the country because of possible risks to the population.

Isn’t it the first time?

OnePlus says in an official statement it will investigate the matter, but complained that Gulati has not yet agreed to receive company representatives for an initial diagnosis. “We take each of these charges seriously out of concern and user safety. (…) Under these circumstances, however, it is impossible for us to verify the legality of the case or to guarantee the individual’s claims for compensation,” the text reads.

The lawyer claims he fears the team’s diagnosis will be falsified so that the case will be considered mundane, and also says the brand was insensitive when questioning him.

In August of this year, another message appeared from a OnePlus North 2 explosion was registered in the country. After investigation, the brand claimed the fire was caused by “external and isolated incidents unrelated to production”. A second case was even revealed, but the brand found it to be a fake and edited scenario.

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