OnePlus Watch: Always On Display Feature Released

OnePlus watch latest update brings users the always-on display feature that was previously promised. The OnePlus Watche feature, which went on sale in April, was not previously available.

The cost of the advent of always-on display support for the OnePlus watch seems quite high. When this function is activated, the battery life of the smart watch decreases to half the normal duration.

In the statement made a while ago from OnePlus, the arrival of the always-on display function was announced. According to the latest information from the company, the new update, dubbed B.48, will initially be shared with a small group of users. Large-scale distribution will take place later.

With the B.48 update, other features have been added to the OnePlus watch. Thanks to the update, it is possible to use the smartwatch as a shutter for the phone’s camera. Marathon training mode, other improvements, optimizations and bug fixes are also part of the package.

The arrival of the always-on display function is an important addition to the OnePlus watch. However, the fact that this feature seriously affects battery life seems to interrupt the power of the always-on screen.

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