Only 30 people set to to attend Prince Philip funeral

Due to coronavirus restrictions, only 30 people can attend Prince Phillips’ funeral.

Buckingham Palace announced yesterday that the Duke of Edinburgh has died at the age of 99.

Honors have been received from around the world praising the prince for his accomplishments throughout his life, including his military service, support for the Queen and the hugely successful Duke of Edinburgh Award which he initiated.

The death of such a high profile member of the royal family would usually result in a grand funeral attended by dignitaries from overseas and large crowds paying their respects. However, due to Covid, the funeral will be cut back significantly.

What will the funeral look like?

The ceremony will continue to be held at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor, although it is unlikely that hundreds of mourners are expected now.

WalesOnline expects the palace to follow current England funeral guidelines which state that “no more than 30 people are present, whether indoors or outdoors”. This number does not include anyone working on the event.

In Wales the rules are more flexible and numbers vary from venue to venue, taking into account the size and number of people who will already be seated in their households.

Individuals traveling from outside of England and coming from a country that is not exempt from the self-isolation requirement are normally required to self-isolate from arrival and for the first full 10 days after arrival.

However, They can leave their place of self-isolation under certain circumstances, also for compassionate reasons.

This includes attending a funeral for a household member, close family member, or friend (when neither household member nor close family member can attend the funeral).

This means that any world leader who is from a country that is not exempt from restrictions would have been isolated for 10 days to participate.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markel are expected to attend the event.

The previous burial arrangements would have resulted in thousands of people gathering in London and Windsor to watch the military procession. There would also have been members of the armed forces lining the streets to honor the duke. However, these plans are now being reviewed in the light of the Covid situation.


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