Opinion | Expelling Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Just Crazy Talk

And that’s just to start with. Greene said a lot more ugly and stupid things. She was called in for these crimes and set up the lame defense that some of the social media posts and testimonies came from In front She ran for Congress when “teams of people” had managed their accounts so they really shouldn’t count against them. Don’t think for a minute that she is apologizing, but now she has deleted Dozens of them.

Greene’s rambling has predictably led to claims from several members of Congress, including one that Names she as a verbal accomplice in the January 6 uprising Congress should exclude them for their transgressions. “This woman should be on a watch list. Not in Congress, ”said Hillary Clinton tweeted in this week.

The constitution gives the house wide scope To exclude members for violating their rules, violating the law or “disorderly behavior”. Without a doubt, Capitol Hill would be a more reasonable and civic place if Greene were catapulted from her seat back to Georgia, where she was from. The House has used and given this power sparingly three Members of the Stiefel in 1861 for supporting the Confederation and two more more recently after being convicted of bribery on criminal charges. Deportation, which requires a two-thirds majority, isn’t the only punishment the House can impose. It can reprimand a simple majority member and force them to stand in a meeting and listen to their peers reprimand or otherwise reprimand them. An organizer of Representative and senators have suffered the shame of blame or reprimand for their conduct since the founding of Congress.

You may recall the official reprimand from Congress, Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.), Received during President Barack Obama’s 2009 State of the Union address after shouting “You are lying”. Wilson is still in the house, but not so Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) who, despite his frequent racist comments and white nationalist sentiments, has been given a passport for years. His political end came in January 2019 when he asked aloud why “white nationalism” and “white supremacism” were held in low regard. Both parties turned against him, and the Republican Steering Committee tore up all of his committee duties. King ran for re-election in 2020, but it was beaten in the primary by a senator backed by national and state party forces who wanted King to be gone for obvious reasons.

What treatment does Greene deserve? Congress has avoided the nuclear option of expulsion over the years, preferring to persuade ill-behaved members to resign or not to run again. In avoiding expulsion, Congress appears to have advocated the idea that savage Congressmen like Greene are not their problem, but one that belongs to the voters. It is up to them, not other lawmakers, to wield the disciplinary board by electing them from office, as they ultimately did with Steve King. (The constitution does not provide that recall by Senators and Representatives of Voters.) In a case like Greene’s, where she appears to have broken no law – note the craft in her statement in which she avoided directly saying that anyone should be murdered – and has so far not violated any congressional rules, it is likely that Congress will bow to tradition and have voters monitored their speech. This means we will have to wait for a resolution until 2022 when voters have the option to hit the eject button.

But can Georgian voters Greene? Probably not. Her district is mostly Republican, and thanks to Donald Trump’s support, she won her 2020 Republican runoff with no problems, wiping out her general opponent who unofficially withdrew. CNN visited their district Thursday and interviewed voters who still support them. That support seems to run deep. As the New Yorker Reported in the fall, Greene represents a bright red part of Georgia that Larry McDonald sent to Congress repeatedly a generation ago. McDonald didn’t market the same crazy policies as Greene, but it got closer. He was an official with the John Birch Society and advocated the Bircher agenda of ubiquitous communist conspiracies throughout his political career. Considering Francisco Franco a hero, he said Martin Luther King Jr. was “associated with violence”. He ran his own espionage operation “Western Goals”, on which lawyer Roy Cohn sat. Investigative columnist Jack Anderson probably said it best when he did called McDonald a “Bush League McCarthy”. Georgia would likely have continued to send McDonald to Washington had it not been on Soviet Korean Airlines Flight 007 shot down in 1983.

If you think about it, reprimand or reprimand can be more harmful to a member of the House of Representatives than outright expulsion. A designated member can stick to Congress by running again and winning his vacated seat, which Greene could very well do, thereby daring the House to disregard voters by kicking them out again. But rebuke and reprimand compel the members after living death. Congress gives the greatest legislative power to members who know how to work with other members who can act, act, and act. Solitary wolves that have been censored can still roam the halls of Congress, but fewer and fewer members are choosing to have something to do with them. Journalists who sense their powerlessness tend to ignore them too, except for submitting stories about how pathetic they are. Like being deprived of committee positions, reprimand and reprimand reduce the power of an individual member to almost zero, so that he has little more than the power to order a staff around, collect a paycheck, run fundraising drives, command a bullied pulpit (hoping that someone will listen) and use franking rights.

Serving as a zombie congressman without power could actually appeal to Greene. She could easily shake off the shame of criticism, reprimand, and loss of her committee assignment without missing a beat. Until the party rebukes them – a party loyal to Trump – they may have a lock on their seat.

None of this suggests that Greene’s loose talk cannot or will not cause pain and agony to their goals, or that it does not upset the legislative biome. Such violations of our political system do not go away overnight. We finally get rid of a dangerous demagogue and his speeches still provoke misery and violence. But we shouldn’t outdo the danger that Greene presents either. She is just one member of a sea of ​​officials and senators who have nothing in their portfolio but a seat on the House Education and Labor Committee, a seat she is likely to lose if she struggles against her assembled forces. (On Friday the Republican Jewish Coalition devastated Greene for them anti-semitic Conspiracy theories about Jewish fire-launching space lasers – really! – and Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., announced that they would move their congressional office away from Greene after a screaming match between the two.) If we survived Larry McDonald’s multiples of conditions that served without collapse into a fascist state Then why can’t we survive Greene too? It won’t be easy, but it will be smarter to keep an eye on her and wait than to turn her into a political martyr through eviction.

Next time you get sick of fear from a statement or post from Greene, look on the good side. Your status as a member of the House should also remind us of how open the political process is in the United States – so open and accessible that even someone as dangerously connected as Greene can win a seat in Congress. Greene is the necessary and terrible price we pay for our trust in democracy.


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