Opinion | Meghan and Harry Will Never Be This Interesting Again

Monarchy haters would have you consider “royal” families as marrow-sucking parasites in the treasury. And they would be right. The Windsors, role models of such parasitism, believe that ancestry and divine affirmation automatically give them a right to an opulent life and the respect of the citizens. We should probably give Meghan and Harry an attagirl and an attaboy to turn our backs on them. “The Company, ”The popular nickname for the“ royal ”family, seeks to make a living through manufacturing deals. The taxpayers who funded Meghan’s and Harry’s lifestyle were victims. The media consumers who participate in their films and podcasts will pay for accomplices in the first season The liberation of Meghan and Harry.

But the media face through which the two now encounter the world is not radically new to them. Instead of “the company” pulling the puppet strings on their bodies, they will make their own jerks as they move from human products of a company that markets their lives in the world to human products that they control. It’s exactly the same unwritten material that has been moved to a new location. The biggest difference is how they barred the Windsors from profit sharing and embraced a full image creation for themselves. Call Coming to America 3.

Meghan and Harry have separated from family and tradition and shifted their plot to an international stage. They haven’t erased their problems with advertising and autonomy. To remain economically relevant, they need to create great content for Netflix and Spotify before their novelty wears off. It’s not an easy task. You are now competing against the most brilliant filmmakers and podcasters in the world and conjuring up content out of nowhere is nothing. Even Steven Spielberg can’t deliver what the public wants every time, and he’s the greatest mass entertainer of our time. In addition, neither Meghan nor Harry have much experience in producing media. Without their relationship with the “Royals” they couldn’t have gotten a meeting with a Netflix scammer, let alone a deal.

The couple’s most enduring assets are those who created them by leaving Buckingham Palace’s cocoon for La La Land. This season, for example, the couple portrayed the damaged and likable “royals” in self-proclaimed outsiders in exile who want to show the world that they can be media moguls. But as Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Madonna and others have shown, an entertainer cannot operate under one person for too long. Audiences say they want more of what the entertainer has produced, but they really long for something fresh and new. Stir the publicity pot by fighting with the Windsors and Sue the British Tabloids will not keep their novelty forever.

In the absence of amazingly good media, Meghan and Harry may have to recreate many aspects of the British environment they just fled from in order to pique the interest of the audience. For starters, they’ll need a steady supply of villains to fight, additional reasons to be the champion, unique heroes to work with, and new personal revelations to uncork them. It’s an incessant, demanding spiral.

We have to wish Meghan and Harry the best of luck for taking a brave one-way flight out of the Windsor family. But did anyone warn them that they were only leaving a cruel conspiracy for an even more ruthless one? Meghan and Harry’s biopic is going to be a very filmed story, but it’s doubtful they’ll have the vision to capture it.


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