Opinion | Trump Media Empire? Don’t Bet on It.

Let’s say he decides to start a cable channel to compete with CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News Channel in particular. Assuming he can raise hundreds of millions of dollars to build a competitive network – Trump has always preferred to use other people’s money on his endeavors – what luck he might be, AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, and others large cable company to get his new channel to carry? He has no friends at AT&T, their merger with Time Warner he fought as presidentand which now owns CNN. Comcast does not want a new entry into the news market that violates its MSNBC nature. As The New York Times listed in 2016Not even Oprah Winfrey, queen of all media, managed to turn her personal franchise into a cable powerhouse. Can Trump do something that the far richer and more attractive Winfrey couldn’t?

But let’s say Trump does the improbable. If you think Fox has distanced himself from the top toddler since the Biden win, rest assured that if he poses a threat to his viewers and revenue, he will be maddened. The same goes for the Trump lovers at NewsMax and OAN. Trump’s better bet would be to buy NewsMax, something Trump allies flirted with in Novemberor even OAN. But that too would draw the ire of Fox, where the majority of his followers are currently turning off their televisions. Trump might as well buy a publicly available slot.

Instead of doing his own thing, the quickest and greatest way for Trump to get into the media game would be to buy into Fox or the Sinclair Stations to host a nightly show given the 74 million votes he received in November and November , His TV talents could make a splash. But what’s in it for Fox? The current prime-time roster has excellent ratings, and none of the current hosts raise the staffing issues Trump would immediately pose. The fox dog doesn’t want to wag its tail. Additionally, the Murdoch empire that Fox owns appears to have pissed off Trump. This week, Murdoch owned it Wall Street Journal Editorial page, a consistent pro-Trump venue, urged Trump to resign the morning after the Battle of the Capitol. Escape to a hosting job at Sinclair would again make him a slow target of his natural allies at Fox, NewsMax, and OAN. Does he really want that? He currently has too many media enemies to create new ones.

Trump could try restoring his Twitter brand with a new service of his own creation, but that too would be like pushing a boulder up a hill. Better to go to Parler, home of many Twitter rejecters, he might guess. However, this will not create any media magic for the future ex-president either. Google only Parler banned from his app storeand Apple is threatening to do the same because Parler doesn’t do content moderation or suppress brands like Trump. Even if Trump switches to Parler and Parler smooths relationships with the two app stores, Trump will be censored by Google and Apple so his time on Twitter will look like a free ride. Trump will never join Parler if he can only pour vanilla on his believers. He wants to throw away hot sauce.

What options does Trump have then? Start a exaggerated Streaming channel like Glenn Beck’s The Blaze? Beck, who was a Fox star prior to founding Blaze, has never had success in the linear television business since Tried for eight yearsand now exists as a humble service producing VoD shows, radio broadcasts, podcasts and a website.

The energy of his henchmen to destroy the Capitol has not completely drained Trump of his political and media powers. But the wounds he sustained are deep and still bleeding. The days of bragging, defaming, and inciting without paralyzing effects seem to be over. To lay the foundations for a new media operation, he would need a lot of capital, something he doesn’t seem to own. He’d need a media mastermind like Roger Ailes to run it – but Ailes is dead.

What successful media assistant can you imagine who is dying to work with a discredited ex-president? And most importantly, he would need support from advertisers to keep a bloody media battle going against the current market players. On the My pillow typeHow many American brands, herbal medicine suppliers and reverse mortgage operators, would like to associate their products and services with a (for now) unindicted riot accessory?


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