Oppo Find N: Price And Features Of Oppo’s Folding Smartphone

opposite: We finally have a new rival that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold can defy. The Korean device itself has progressed without problems in a newly explored market, but will no longer be alone in the market. The answer to such a good phone is given by opposite with his opposite Find N of which we already know all the data, from the characteristics to the price.

A copy of the Korean model

opposite has decided to jump into the world of foldable phones. It is not a market in which there is much to choose from, especially if we take into account that the possibilities that are currently available are all in-house by Samsung. But this is something that sooner or later would no longer be the case and we already know a model that points to ways of being considered a major rival.

The name was given by a Chinese company, and we are talking about the opposite Find N. The device shows us an identical trend as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold: a book-like foldable phone with a screen on the front and a much larger interior.

Let’s talk about these panels, and it is that it has a 5.49-inch screen in AMOLED style in Full HD + resolution. This will be in the background when opening the terminal and the prominent 7.1-inch flexible screen also shows AMOLED and with the same resolution. It is in this part where there are major problems, as the company has promised a way that the fold mark will not be seen after several uses.

In the cameras section, you will come across a 32 MPX Sony front screen both from the outside and the inside. I would round out the triple pack with a 50 + 50 + 13 MPX main, wide and telephoto composition respectively.

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