Oppo Watch Free Is On The Way Smart Watch Market Mixes

Oppo Watch for free is preparing to enter the smartwatch market. It turned out that the Chinese company has applied for a trademark Oppo Watch for free.

Oppo Watch for free, new blood on the smartwatch market! Technology giants place as much importance on smart watches as they do on phones. Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi are just some of the companies that make smart watches. Oppo will announce the line-up of Reno6 smartphones later this week. However, there is information that it will release another device later this year.

New smart watch on the way after Oppo Watch

According to the news from LetsGoDigital, the company filed a trademark application on May 25 called “OPPO Watch for free”To the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). The description clearly indicates that the device is a smartwatch.

Oppo Watch for free is also referred to as a sports watch. However, it does not mean that it is a special sports watch. This model could be a more outdoor or athletic-oriented version of the Oppo Watch, which the company introduced last spring.

Most smartwatches that are already available have more than one sports function. For example, with Oppo Watch it is possible to measure your heart rate, keep track of exercises and track your sleep. That said, both the 41mm and 46mm models have built-in GPS.

EUIPO is currently reviewing the company’s trademark application. It is not yet clear when the Oppo Watch for free will come true.

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