Ordinary-looking warehouse hides a man cave inside

Ordinary-looking warehouse hides a man cave inside

How secret hiding places go, this is pretty impressive.

At first glance, the blue and red industrial building looks nothing more than usual, but behind its doors there is an incredible interior that has attracted a lot of attention when it was sold.

The seller of the warehouse has transformed the site in Mawson Lakes, Australia, into a dream “human cave”. reports the mirrorand it was snapped up within three days of the sale.

Inside is a gym, bar, and auto repair shop, set up by the previous owner to entertain friends and enjoy their favorite hobbies.

It also has bathrooms, retro arcade machines, a 3 ton car lift, a fully equipped kitchen, lots of storage space and video surveillance for security.

Andrew Harvey of real estate agents Raine & Horne Salisbury did not announce the final sales fee, but said the offer was “very close to the offer price” of around £ 204,000, as reported by Realestate.com.au.

The 176 square meter space was snapped up just three days after the sales signs rose with potential buyers who were impressed by the move.

“It was sold in three days, a gentleman with the same thought process bought it,” said Andrew. “There was a lot of interest. We performed a lot of three people and I’ve received a few emails since then.”

It is the perfect place to entertain friends

Andrew added: “It was certainly a nice place for him to spend time and exercise, to have friends and to keep his valuable possessions. Instead of clogging the house with such things, it was good for him to have a separate place go.”

The warehouse remains listed on the market because the deal can still be funded – which means that there is still a small chance that it can be won again.



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