Home Tech Oscar Isaac to star in Marvel series on Disney +

Oscar Isaac to star in Marvel series on Disney +

Oscar Isaac to star in Marvel series on Disney +

Oscar Isaac, also known for playing Poe Dameron in the new Star Wars trilogy, is in advanced negotiation to star in Moon Knight, Marvel’s next series for Disney + streaming.

The production will focus on a mercenary named Marc Spector who is psychologically unstable and able to communicate with a moon god to gain the power of superpower. According to some speculation that has circulated so far, this will be one of the darkest characters released in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date.

In the original comics, the character has dissociative identity disorder and is believed by his boss to be dead after the two find an archaeological dig in Egypt.

There he is approached by Khonshu, the said Egyptian god, and is given a second chance to live, returning to the world with the development of multiple secret identities. Among them are those of a millionaire and a taxi driver, who give him access to different sectors of society.

Somehow the series addresses the issue of Marc Spector’s powers as Moon Knight. The relationship with the moon needs to be explored a lot because the fuller it is, the stronger it can become.

The series is being developed by Jeremy Slater, who acts as a screenwriter and showrunner. Kevin Feige called it an “action adventure series” at a Disney event and wondered if the character was really powerful or just an effect of his imagination. So it’s likely that the episodes are also centered around this doubt.

At the moment Moon Knight has no official release date. The character is expected to appear in movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe shortly before debuting on Disney Plus streaming.



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