Oscar-winner releases Tokyo Olympic soundtrack – 100 days before event kicks off

The Oscar-winning composer Steven Price hopes to have achieved the winning mark with the theme melody for our sporty summer.

Price is the man behind the sounds of the Lord of the Rings – which makes him the perfect choice for scoring the soaring score for Discovery’s coverage of the Summer Olympics.

His four-minute topic starts on April 14th and lasts 100 days until the Olympic Games in Tokyo. It extends to the comprehensive live coverage of the network on the games in Beijing and Paris.

Clips from the music are heard by fans on intros and outros for all game programs on Eurosport platforms in the run-up to and during the competition – with Eurosport and Discovery + The home of the Olympics in Europe – including the UK – and the only place you can experience every unmissable moment of the Games.

“I think we wanted this piece to be an epic size that we wanted it to go with the Olympics,” Price said.

“It’s a really percussion driven piece. We wanted it to feel very much alive. There’s an accelerating figure that runs through the whole piece. We wanted it to feel pretty exciting and alive.”

“The start is all about the energy and excitement of the Olympics, a bit of mystery, we have the journey of the individual, that quiet little moment where you feel someone building up to their moment.

“So it was about finding all of these themes and making them work as a four minute continuous piece, but you can take a certain section of it and feel a certain way – it was an adventure, a story at a very high level Little space to tell, but on a scale you would use in a movie. “

The 43-year-old, who won his Oscar for the score of Alfonso Cuarón’s science fiction thriller Gravity, took inspiration from colleague John Williams, who wrote the themes for Star Wars, Jaws, ET, and Indiana Jones, as well as the music behind them US broadcaster NBC has reported on games since 1984.

Williams is considered the doyen of the composers of the Games, receiving the Olympic Medal for his work on the official theme of the 1984, 1996 and 2002 Games.

Price added, “When I won the Oscar, I said to my wife, ‘I have to spend the rest of my life proving this now.’

“I sat next to John Williams that night. He kept looking at me and winking a little and he was the first one I saw when they called the name and it couldn’t have been cuter.

“Some of my early memories of sports and exercising with my family were the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.”

Abbey Road seemed like the only place for Price, who calls the Beatles one of his greatest musical influences, to create his track.

And he has fulfilled a long-cherished dream of working with the London Symphony Orchestra, recognized as the world’s premier soundtrack orchestra.

“Jurassic Park was made here, Raiders of the Lost Ark was made here, so was Superman, Lord of the Rings movies were made here,” he said.

“A lot of history has passed in this room, which was first used by Elgar in the 1930s.

“The LSO are one of the largest orchestras in the UK and the world and it was my goal to work with them forever.

“They did film work, but they are also an incredible concert orchestra. They have an incredible range of individual musicians right now, but they go so well together – you get that incredible sound from them.”

discovery is the only place where you can see every unmissable moment, medal and hero of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.


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