Oslo shooting: Reveller tells of 'playing dead' as gunman fired at her table sparking panic

A woman has told how she “played dead” in a London pub in Oslo to avoid a gunman who fired at a table she was hiding at, amid other harrowing reports of the shooting

Oslo: Emergency services attend nightclub incident

A reveler at the Oslo nightclub shooting has told how she “played dead” to survive, while another saw broken glass, blood and injured people as he fled to safety.

Witnesses have told how they were at the popular London pub in the Norwegian capital when gunfire suddenly erupted, followed by panic as people tried to flee the building.

Police have so far confirmed that two people were killed and three seriously injured, including 19 others who were taken to hospital after the shooting began around 1.15am this morning.

A suspect has been taken into custody but authorities believe there may have been gunshots at three different locations including a small fast food restaurant and the London pub.

A woman in a London pub has told how she pretended to be dead to avoid the gunman who fired at the table where she was hiding.

Police said two people were killed in the shooting


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“He seemed very determined about where he was shooting and when I realized how serious the situation was I started running. Then there was a bleeding man on the ground,” she told the media outlet VG.

She recounted how she initially tried to jump over a fence to safety, but another woman told her to hide.

“There was a lady who pulled me down and told me to hide and play dead,” she said, adding that she was hiding behind a table where the gunman was shooting.

“When we couldn’t see him anymore, I got out and ran up the street. Then I heard him coming around the corner and I got in a car there and hid.”

A suspect has been arrested by police near the London pub


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The club is popular with the gay community and with this weekend’s Pride, she believes the attack may be related.

“I fear now what might happen tomorrow when the parade itself takes place,” she said.

Another person at the club, Morten Sommerstad, 41, also gave a vivid account of the horror that unfolded at the bar.

“I didn’t really understand what happened at first and then I saw it was serious. Someone said there was a shot. People were gathering, there was total panic,” he told the news agency dag bladet.

Witnesses have told how panic spread in a nightclub in Oslo when a gunman opened fire

He then said he ran up a flight of stairs at the club and tried to get out of a gate.

“I saw that there were people on the sidewalk and there was a lot of broken glass and blood. I was panicking so I ran as fast as I could,” he continued, while explaining that there were people on the ground and he was checking to see if they were okay.

“It’s really awful, I can’t believe this is happening here in Oslo, it’s incredible.”

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