'Over 200,000 people a day' are being vaccinated against Covid

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said more than 200,000 people are vaccinated against Covid every day.

He told Sky News’ Sophy Ridge the government is well on track to meet its target of 13 million people vaccinated by mid-February.

He said, “Yes, we are on track. The current rate cap is supply, but that is increasing.

“I am very happy to say that more than 200,000 people are currently being vaccinated every day.

“We’ve now vaccinated around a third of people over 80 in this country, so we’re making significant progress, but there is more expansion.”

“We’re opening mass vaccination centers this week. Large locations, for example at Epsom Racecourse, seven going live this week, and more will follow next week where we will meet a very large number of people.”

Repeating the message to stay home, he said it was “a very, very serious situation in the NHS, especially in some parts of the country”.

“The greatest thing anyone can do is follow the home stay instructions.

“There are limited exceptions. Only when you can’t work from home and need to go shopping or exercise.

“But these are very limited for good reason and that’s because the pressure on the NHS is very, very little and we need to cut the case rate immediately.”

“So it’s really up to all of us, it was always a great team effort.”

Letters inviting those over 80 to attend mass vaccination centers land on doormats, according to NHS England.

The first 130,000 invitations asking older people to sign up for a stab at the centers slated to open this week should arrive over the weekend. More than 500,000 were to follow in the next seven days.

The letters were sent to people aged 80 and over who live between 30 and 45 minutes’ drive from one of the seven new regional centers. They contain information on how to book a slot either by phone or through a national online booking service.


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