Over 70s to get vaccination appointment cards in post in Scotland

People aged 0 to 70 in Scotland will be invited to the Covid-19 vaccination starting next week.

People between the ages of 70 and 79 have been instructed by the Scottish Government to look for blue envelopes that have been sent to their homes starting Monday.
As the vaccination program moves through priority groups, several areas of the health authority are starting to send out letters telling age groups when they will receive their first dose of the Covid-19 surge.
Health Minister Jeane Freeman urged people to look out for the “very distinctive” envelopes that Royal Mail is prioritizing.
A new booking system is also being used by several health authorities to schedule appointments for patients in order of priority.

Greater Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Lothian are among the NHS bodies that will use the system.
The Scottish government said they are on track to ensure that all 80+ year olds get their first dose of vaccine by the end of the first week of February.
This age group will not receive a blue envelope as they will be contacted by phone or other means.
Ms. Freeman said: “We all know how easy it is to ignore some of the mail that comes through our mailboxes, but these blue envelopes are very distinctive and contain details of your vaccination appointment, so please open them.
“The letters are being sent first class and the Royal Mail has told us that the color allows them to prioritize delivery.

“The blue envelopes contain information about the time and place of your appointment and details of how to reschedule it if you cannot attend.
“I would urge everyone to make an appointment if they are offered one.
“The vaccination program is one of three key ways we are working to combat this virus, along with our expanded testing program to identify cases and break chains of transmission and the important lockdown restrictions that everyone in Scotland must follow.
“All of these measures are most effective when they work together.”


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