Oxford jab creator urges pregnant women to take vaccine

A creator of the Oxford coronavirus vaccination has urged pregnant women to take the vaccine after studies showed that this group made up almost a fifth of critically ill patients in England.

Professor Dame Sarah Gilbert, one of the inventors of Oxford / AstraZeneca Jab, said it was especially important that expectant mothers be vaccinated as the coronavirus can be especially dangerous if it becomes infected while pregnant.

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Dame Sarah said, “It is really important that pregnant women are vaccinated.

“We now have so much evidence that it is safe for them, it protects and Covid-19 is really dangerous in pregnancy.

“You don’t want to expose yourself and your baby to Covid, so you have the vaccine.

“So much research has gone into these vaccines, years of research.

“Before we even knew about the coronavirus, we were working on making the vaccines.

“Billions of doses have now been given around the world, so there is so much evidence of its safety and effectiveness and it is really important that people keep getting vaccinated.

“For those who have been called to the booster: When it is your turn, you have the booster.”

This came after the NHS England found out that between July 1 and April 30,

The NHS has also said that data showed that 32% of all women between the ages of 16 and 49 were pregnant in intensive care on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) – used when a patient’s lungs are so damaged by Covid that one Ventilator cannot maintain oxygen levels.

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