Oxford vaccine rolled out to first care home residents in England

The first residents of a UK nursing home were given the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccination stitches when they were introduced to general practitioner practices.

Residents at the Sunrise of Frognal nursing home in Sidcup, southeast London, received their first push on Thursday afternoon (January 7).

Among the 10 recipients was Ellen Prosser, 100, who said the vaccine was “simple,” reports PA.

The widow and mother of six, known as Nell, said, “It didn’t hurt at all – I really didn’t feel anything. I’m very, very satisfied because it was tested very well.”

The government’s goal is to offer coronavirus vaccines to all senior residents who are high on vaccine priority lists by the end of January.

Dr. Nikki Kanani, an NHS doctor and primary care medical director who administered the vaccinations, said they would help people regain their lives.

She said, “Today is an emotional day.

“When we got our first patient vaccinated, it was emotional as we were spreading to more and more parts of the country, which is emotional because our colleagues are really working day and night to find out – the nurses, pharmacists and staff on our teams for General medicine in front of the patient, but patients who work on logistics are also telephoning in the background – that’s really unbelievable. “

She appealed to people who are being asked, “please, please get your vaccine,” adding, “The vaccines that have been approved by the MHRA have been tested really, very thoroughly.

“You’ve been tested on tens of thousands of people and now more than a million people have been vaccinated.

“It is really important that you get your vaccine because this is our hope, this is our chance to win our lives back and that way we will protect our loved ones too.”


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