Pablo Escobar NET WORTH. How Much Money Had Pablo Escobar?

One of the people known worldwide as Pablo Escobar’s wealth is said to have an estimated $ 2 billion.

Even if some people don’t know where he got that much money from, they still know the name Pablo Escobar. He is known to other people and it is mainly due to his involvement in the drug industry. Some people call him a drug lord. So this is the main source of Pablo Escobar’s assets.

Pablo escobar net worth 2020

Born in 1949, Pablo Escobar, whose full birth name is Pablo Emilio Escobar, Gaviria was not only successful but also a wealthy drug dealer and trafficker. He was one of the most wanted criminals in Columbia. He was so wealthy and rich that he could make himself spend money on various luxury homes, buy the most expensive cars, planes and yachts.


In addition to becoming involved in the drug industry, Pablo Escobar was briefly involved in Colombia’s political sphere in 1986.

Pablo Escobar was born in a village called Rionegro that is located in Columbia. In addition, he was one of the seven children of the family. His father was a farmer and his mother was a primary school teacher. When Pablo Escobar was just a teenager, he started getting involved in several crimes that significantly increased Pablo Escobar’s total amount.

Pablo Escobar net worth

Initially, he started stealing and selling tombstones to local smugglers. However, this information was denied by one of his brothers, Roberto Escobar, who stated that the gravestones were obtained from cemetery owners who gave them those gravestones placed on the graves of people who were not visited by anyone.

In addition, Roberto Escobar claimed that they had a family member who was involved in the legitimate trade in monuments.
In addition, before becoming involved in his major crimes and drug trafficking, Pablo Escobar studied at the University of Antioquia, from which he eventually dropped out.

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One of the most popular crimes involving Pablo Escobar was minor crimes, robberies, the sale of contraband such as cigarettes and lottery tickets. Apparently, he was so successful that Pablo Escobar’s net worth rose to $ 2 billion.

Before getting involved in drug trafficking, Pablo Escobar kidnapped Medellin’s director and asked for a $ 100,000 ransom. His dream was to become a millionaire by working for smugglers, which he later did.

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