Paedophile lured kids into sending indecent videos in exchange for cash

A “cunning” pedophile enticed young girls to send him indecent videos by offering a lot of money for modeling and the promise of a glamorous lifestyle.

Daniel Berry, 31, of Prestwich, Greater Manchester, pretended online to be a female casting agent and a male studio owner to take advantage of the youth and naivety of his 16 victims, ages 12 to 15.

He requested photos and videos of his targets before making them explicit poses in exchange for thousands of pounds, according to the Crown Court in Manchester Minshull Street.

When Berry’s victims became aware of his rising demands and lack of pay, he threatened to put their videos online and sue them for wasting his time if they didn’t stick to them.

On Wednesday, he was detained for 10 years and said he had to serve two thirds of the sentence before the probation officer could consider him for release.

Berry, who lived on Bannerman Avenue with his parents, has been told that he is at high risk of serious harm to the public, especially young girls, and must serve an extended three-year license period.

Since 2012, he had amassed more than 1,000 video recordings of child abuse that are said to be the “most tainted and terrible imaginable”.

Between January 2018 and January 2019, he posed as a casting agent to contact his victims on Facebook.

Berry would then transfer the conversation to a mobile messaging app, in which he would also dress up as the boss of the agent, who was photographed in a Lamborghini car and promised fame and fortune.

He told some girls that he was his “new star” and said that he was going to take part in a model competition in Thailand with a grand prize of £ 250,000.

Another received £ 2m a year if she continued to broadcast explicit videos.

Some of his victims were persuaded to recruit other girls for cash, the court was told.

Berry was arrested last January and research on various computer devices revealed that he had cared for numerous children in the UK and abroad.

When interviewed, he made no comment before admitting 28 cases in which children were sexually stimulated or stimulated in the past month, and 10 cases in which a child observed sexual activity, five cases in which indecent Images of children have been disseminated, and a case of owning an extreme pornographic image.

In addition, he pleaded guilty to taking more than 5,000 indecent pictures of children in four cases, including 1,329 classified as Category A – the most serious.

Mark Shanks, who defended himself, said Berry had a normal upbringing and multiple relationships with age-appropriate women, but in his early twenties he realized that he had thoughts and desires that were “abnormal”.

He said Berry wanted help and asked to tell his victims that he was “very sorry”.

Most of his family have now cast him off, he added.

Judge Tina Landale said of the sentence: “These very serious crimes were planned and carried out with cunning. They enjoyed the feeling of power and control.

“You ruthlessly and deliberately offered absurd amounts of money, the pretext of a glamorous lifestyle and gifts. If that didn’t work, you manipulated, bullied and intimidated them (the girls).”

She added that he had shown “a total lack of insight” into the damage he had caused.

Berry is required to sign the sex offender registry and is subject to an indefinite order to prevent sexual harm.


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