Pain In Urination And Enlargement Of The Scar On The Skin Is Also A Sign Of Cancer, know Which Symptom Of Cancer Should Be Screened.

There are many cancer symptoms that are similar to other diseases. As if you feel pain while urinating. Many such symptoms indicate cancer. Experts say men should undergo a number of tests if they show certain cancer symptoms. This can also reduce the risk of cancer. Know which symptoms indicate which type of cancer …

1- prostate cancer

The risk of prostate cancer usually persists after the age of 45. But even at a young age, cases occur due to poor lifestyle or family history. Difficulty or painful urination indicates this cancer.

Important check: If a healthy person also has a family history, a digital rectal exam and an antigen test for prostate samples should be performed at regular intervals of six months or once a year.

2- Testicular Cancer

This cancer associated with the testicles producing sperm is rare. Most cases are between 20 and 54 years old.

Important Check: If a person feels heaviness, swelling, and changes in their testicles, medical advice should be sought. Also, the testicle examination should be performed routinely.

3- Colorectal Cancer

It is the main cancer of the colon. Men are twice as likely to develop it as women. The first symptoms are shrinkage of the intestine and the easy growth of the internal surface.

Important tests: In addition to CT scans, colonoscopy, X-ray, or sigmoidoscopy can also identify this cancer.

4- skin cancer

Melanoma is the most common type of skin cancer. In this, abnormal changes in the color of the skin or the appearance of herpes or any scar for no reason indicate the disease. Long-term exposure to the sun increases the risk.

Important check: Contact a dermatologist if you feel a change in size, color or scar on the skin.

5- Blood cancer

If sweating becomes excessive, fatigue persists, weight is lost for no reason and bone pain persists, then this is a sign of blood cancer.

Important tests: CBC is the best blood count test for this. In some cases of blood cancer, doctors also recommend a bone marrow biopsy.

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