Pandora employee exposes man who bought rings for his girlfriend and mistress

A Pandora employee was commended for exposing a customer who suddenly bought a ring for his girlfriend and lover.

Eli, who is called Ferreiroroche on TikTok, took on the social media platform to warn women from Montreal, Canada whose boyfriend is called Jake.

She posted a video of herself showing the man’s shopping when she said, “If your boyfriend’s name is Jake and he lives in MTL (Montreal), he just bought two rings for ‘his girl and side piece’. “

Eli, who wears a Pandora lanyard around her neck, adds, “You deserve better.”

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One commenter asked if he had actually told her who the two rings were for, to which she replied, “Yes, after I asked him if I should give him a gift slip or two.”

People commented on the video, which got over 2.3 million views, praising Eli for his speaking.

“This woman is doing God’s work,” said the TikTok user.

The TikTok video shows two human-bought rings

Eli's TikTok video

While another said, “What is done in the dark will always come to light.”

A Pandora representative said she sympathized with Eli’s experience when she said, “How many times have I had customers doing this while working at Pandora.”

“What is done in the dark will always come to light,” added another.

When a user tuned in to suggest that it was illegal for Eli to expose the man the way she did, she firmly replied, “How is this illegal? I make the world a better place.”

So many others commented that their video had gone viral in different parts of the world, from Greece to Dubai to the Netherlands to Milan.

However, several people also raised concerns that she would be fired for exposing a customer.

She responded to the concern on another video dancing around as she said, “I actually quit last week and waited for my last shift to expose this scammer.”


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