Paradise PD Season 3: Cast And Everything You Need To Know

While it may not be as well known from a few of Netflix’s other animated movies like BoJack Horseman and Big Mouth, police humor Paradise PD has gained cult status since its very first season in August 2018.

With the second season coming to a close on March 6, fans will be curious to see if they can anticipate a third visit to the small town police station.

Here’s everything we know so far …

Will there be a third season of Paradise PD?

So far, it’s unclear whether we’ll find the third season, but we’ll likely have a better idea of ​​what exactly the future holds for Paradise PD per month after Season 2’s release on Netflix.

The first streaming service that tends to draw conclusions about a show’s future is 28 days after the later season’s release. We will update this page with a lot more news as soon as we get it!

When will Paradise PD season 3 be released?

If it went live a third time, we would most likely have to wait some time for it to reach our screens. There was a 16-month gap between seasons 2 and 1, so if that same schedule was maintained this time around, we’d be treated to a third episode at some point in the second half of 2021.

Who is in the Paradise PD season 3 voice cast?

While we’ll have to wait for confirmation, it seems safe to assume that a third season would keep the current voice cast, including David Herman (Kevin Crawford), Tom Kenny (Chief Randall Crawford), and Sarah Chalke (Gina Jabowski).

We can probably expect a few guest stars too – bookmark this page for the latest announcements.

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