Parents desperate to find Walkers crisps as autistic son, 14, refuses to eat without them

The parents of a severely autistic teenager are desperately looking for Smoky Bacon-flavored Walkers chips for their son.

Connor Lewis, who is non-verbal, has a severely restricted diet and refuses to eat without the taste of chips.

The 14-year-old only eats a limited amount of foods with a certain consistency and taste.

His mom and dad, Sarah and Jason say Connor refuses to “eat anything else” Leicestershire Live reported.

Walkers’ chips have been running out in the past few weeks, due to IT issues, according to a spokesman.

“That taste of chips is his main staple.

“Because of his severe autism and learning disabilities, his diet is really limited, but because that shortage exists, it just doesn’t exist,” said Sarah.

She added that it is extremely difficult to explain that the chips are simply not available at the moment.

According to Walkers-owners PepsiCo, production could be impacted by the end of the month.

But it was “too long ago” for Connor.

His mother says that Connor refused to eat because he didn’t have chips.

“We are at the end of our tether,” she said. “My husband drove up and down the freeway to check gas stations.”

Connor’s regular drugs are also affected, as his parents usually have to hide them in the juice that he only drinks with a pack of Smoky Bacon Chips.

Leicestershire Live understands that Smoky Bacon is currently one of the unavailable product lines, with the most popular flavors – including Cheese and Onion, Ready Salted, and Salt and Vinegar – being a priority in production.

“It also has an impact on his mental health because he just doesn’t understand why his main meal isn’t there,” Sarah said.

The 45-year-old even asked her brother, the radio host, to ask for help finding the chips.

“We managed to get a box of chips from someone in Lancashire, but otherwise we were out of luck,” said Sarah.

The couple are now appealing to PepsiCo and anyone else who can help them get hold of the chips.

They were also referred to a nutritionist in December, but Sarah says it is “a long time waiting for a child who won’t eat”.

Leicestershire Live contacted PepsiCo for comment.

Although the company cannot comment on the specific case, it has announced that it will “do everything it can to increase production”.

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