Part of Britain lifts lockdown as island reopens schools and shops

The Isle of Man has lifted all lockdown restrictions as schools have reopened and businesses are allowed to start trading again.

The island has had no community broadcast of Covid-19 for 20 days.

People are now allowed to leave their homes without a mask as usual, and shops and pubs are open.

But people are still not allowed to enter the island – and natives who come back will have to quarantine themselves for 14 days and do three negative Covid tests.

Chief Minister Howard Quayle said Sky news : “We have a government policy to eradicate Covid that doesn’t live with it and I suppose I attribute that, the success, to the great public of Manx.

“They’ve followed the rules, have been very supportive, patriotic, have a great community spirit and it is thanks to the great Manx public that we are back in our fortune.”

The island has now been locked for three weeks.


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