Parts of Nottinghamshire to move into Tier Three

Parts of Nottinghamshire to move into Tier Three

Tier 3 coronavirus restrictions are expected to go into effect in parts of Nottinghamshire on Wednesday.

The PA News Agency is aware that MPs from the Nottinghamshire area were informed this morning that a government announcement is due on Monday.

The areas reported to meet Tier 3 restrictions are Nottingham City, Rushcliffe, Broxtowe and Gedling.

MPs from the north of the county were not invited to the meeting with Health Minister Nadine Dorries on Friday morning as rates in their constituencies are lower than in the rest of the region, but the Tier 3 restrictions in these areas are believed not to be will be far behind.

PA believes that Nottinghamshire MPs present urged government ministers to improve communication with them and local leaders.

MPs also tried to address the issue of financial support. A source close to the meeting said a question about sufficient economic settlement would be “referred to the Treasury Department.”

It is alleged that Mrs Dorries did not accept that the Council did not have enough financial support.

Local leaders of Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire District Council are expected to have another meeting with the government on Friday afternoon.

The Nottinghamshire region has been a cause for concern in the past few days after Nottingham Queen’s Medical Center (QMC) recorded a “dramatic increase” in the number of Covid-19 hospital patients.

Tracy Taylor, executive director of the NHS Trust at Nottingham University Hospitals, said the QMC had exceeded 200 patients with the virus in the past few days – with the number “increasing by almost another full group of people each day”.

Despite the surge in hospital cases, the city’s coronavirus case numbers have declined in recent days – 610.1 cases per 100,000 people were reported in the week ending October 18.

This is in contrast to 926.7 cases per 100,000 people the previous week.

The anticipated Tier 3 restrictions coincided with a number of student parties convicted by the county police.

Nottinghamshire Police said after fined four students £ 10,000 for an illegal house party that the force had dealt with more than 60 other students and another four parties were closed.

Earlier, the police handed the maximum sentence to four students who accused the police of “spoiling the fun” at a house party – saying, “We should have the time of our lives”.

Nottinghamshire Police Department Assistant Police Chief Kate Meynell said: “Despite requests to stop these parties and just a day after we imposed substantial warning fines, we are still finding a number of students who believe the law just doesn’t apply to them.

“We know that the vast majority of students studying in our city obey the rules, and we really want to thank them for that.

“But for some reason there is a small minority of students who deliberately and provocatively break these rules, and enough is enough.

“It’s illegal and there are very good reasons for it. By not following the rules, they are increasing the spread of Covid in our city and surroundings.

“I find it absolutely amazing that we have to repeat the same message so quickly after making a strong case earlier this week.”

Both the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University said any students found to have violated coronavirus restrictions could be expelled.



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