Passport warning to travellers after woman is banned from entering Spain

A woman was banned from entering Spain because her passport did not have an exit stamp on her previous visit.

Traveler Linda told local Spanish media that she was denied entry to the country because of the previous mistake.

This means that other travelers who do not have a stamp can be turned away.

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Travelers are said to be given postage stamps every time they enter a country in the Schengen Area, but Linda not when she traveled in June.

When she tried to visit them in September, the border guards said no.

She said “I was refused entry to Spain on September 26th because my passport was not stamped upon departure during an earlier week-long visit to Spain that began on June 4th.

“The guards first stamped my passport for entry, then they noticed that I did not have an exit stamp from this one-week visit in June, classified me as an overstayer and then marked the entry stamp with the letter F and two lines.

“Although I have evidence of returning to the UK via banking activity as well as the Test and Trace Covid app, the border guards would not accept or view evidence or let me speak to anyone who could help.

“My son, who speaks Spanish, tried to explain that I had other evidence of my return to the UK, but the guards refused to accept or even consider him.

“They just insisted that I had no stamp, that I had exceeded the deadline and that I would be arrested as illegal.”

She said she still has not been able to solve the problem despite contacting her MP and the consulate and fears that she will not be able to visit Spain again until the problem is resolved.

Linda continued: “There doesn’t seem to be a solution, the Spanish consulate in the UK only accepts my original boarding passes as proof of departure and since flights are booked online I obviously don’t have them.

“They don’t accept screenshots or copies of any other evidence I have. I contacted my MP but was just escorted back to the consulate and went around in circles.

“It’s frustrating because I feel like I’m being held responsible for something that I had no jurisdiction to do, in other words, the guard’s failure to stamp my passport.

“Since I don’t have an exit stamp yet, I’m worried that I will be refused entry again on further visits.”

Britons traveling to a country in the Schengen Area should check that their passport has been stamped so as not to run into the same problems.

The Spanish Home Office told The Local they were unable to comment but were “aware of the current legislation regarding UK citizens, residents and non-residents”.

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