Patients support GP records being shared, says Matt Hancock

Matt Hancock has said that “the vast majority of people” in England support plans that have their medical records shared with others.

The personal data of up to 55 million primary care patients in England will be shared with third parties from July 1st of this year.

While the patient data is anonymized using a process called “pseudonymization”, NHS Digital can convert the anonymized patient data back using “anonymization” software so that it can “directly identify you under certain circumstances”. … if there is a valid legal reason “.

Campaign groups have expressed “serious concerns” about the project, and digital rights advocates Foxglove have questioned the legality of the plans under applicable data protection laws.

NHS Digital says the data it collects includes information about your gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation, diagnoses, test results, medications, allergies, vaccinations, and “information about your physical, mental and sexual health.”

The NHS has been “completely silent” about who has access to this data, campaign group Foxglove said the Financial Times.

If individuals do not decline to share their information before June 23, they will not be able to access the shared information but may prevent further information from being shared.

When asked by Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said, “The vast majority of people are hard at work using their data to improve lives.”

He told the Commons: “Data about his or my health or someone else’s health does not belong to a family doctor, it rightly belongs to the citizen, it belongs to the patient, that is the approach we should take.

“And I totally agree with him that it is important to get these things right and right, but I am also very glad that the vast majority of people are strong in using their data to make life better and to live too rescue, and that is the approach that “We are going to look at building a modern data platform for the NHS.

“So that we can ensure that we use all of this modern commodity to improve individual care and to improve research and thus our overall care, while of course maintaining the highest security and data protection standards that come from a more modern use of data be improved.” .”

Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth said patients “are unaware that there is a fair amount of patient records held by the GP” is about to be transferred to NHS Digital and asked if the Health Secretary would consider “pausing” the plan.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr. Ashworth said, “Research and science are our way through this pandemic and are our way to cure so many other diseases and ailments, but he will know that while we are in this pandemic and family doctors Overtaxed and up front Line staff is overwhelmed Patients do not know that a lot of GP patient data is being transmitted to NHS Digital.

He continued, “I am not against NHS data being used for research for the common good, but some of the most sensitive personal data that was shared by confidential patients with general practitioners a few years ago, possibly in a state of vulnerability such as an abortion of domestic or sexual abuse, drug or alcohol abuse are shared with NHS Digital and potentially used by commercial interests, yet hardly anyone knows about it.

“There are concerns about security, there are concerns about patient confidentiality. So, given the secrecy, the rush and the difficulties involved in opting out, will he not consider giving up, pausing it for the time being and starting a transparent consultation process with patients and clinicians? about how confidential data can best be shared for research purposes. “

If you would like to log out of your GP practice before the data exchange with NHS Digital begins, you should do so by. respectively return this form to your family doctor’s practice by June 23rd to have time for processing.

Patients can also unsubscribe online Here.


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