'Patriotic' One Britain One Nation song sparks controversy online

Plans to have children celebrate a new nationalist day in schools with flag waving and patriotic songs have angered some parents who say it is a form of “indoctrination”.

One Britain One Nation (OBON) was founded by former Bradford Police Officer Kash Singh and has been campaigning for several years to encourage participating school children to take part in “patriotic activities”.

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This year, a day of celebrations, known as “OBON Day”, is planned for Friday, June 25th, when all participating children commemorate all those who lived in the country during the Covid-19 with minutes of applause -Pandemic have helped.

Schools are then encouraged to have the children sing the anthem for OBON Day 2021, by children of St. John’s CE Primary School in Bradford entitled “We are Great Britain and we have a dream to have all people on one great team unite ”was written.

The day was approved by the government and the Ministry of Education to say they are “encouraging” schools to attend the celebrations.

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The move to endorse the day has sparked anger on social media as many comment that the anthem for this year’s celebrations sounds awkward like something that would be produced by an authoritarian regime.

The song, which contained the text “We are Britain and we have one dream to unite all people in one great team”, caused a backlash with a comment: “I don’t know where to start with this c ** p! The fact that you claim this is about these things and you encourage the kids to sing this song ?! That’s nationalist c ** p! “

Another said: “Try to show tolerant, kind, proud and respectful behavior to all UK residents and visitors regardless of ethnicity, nationality, belief, sexuality or religion.”

The song ends with the text “Strong Britain, Great Nation” repeated four times.

Others have pointed out that the holiday day in Scotland coincides with the end of the school year, which means many children will not be in class on that day.

One comment read: “As the Department of Education, I would have expected you to know that for many Scottish schools the 25th is the day they break up. And for others, the day after the breakup. Does One Nation only mean England? ? “

Another said: “Excellent news In Scotland all schools will be closed for the holidays. Have fun celebrating One England Day. “

On their Campaign website OBON said, “OBON understands that all parents and carers around the world want only the best for their children and that their children grow up safe and secure.

“They want their children to feel happy and valued so that they can belong to their families, their school, and their communities.

“OBON wants to inspire our children to give the best they can be by developing their self-esteem so that every child has the belief that they are important and able to reach and achieve their full potential.

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“They want every child to be responsible, active and committed to developing a sense of civic pride in advocating our shared values ​​of British citizenship so that every child learns what it means to be fair, decent, respectful, tolerant and to be compassionate.

“OBON wants every child to develop a strong emotional and meaningful connection with our country and its people by recognizing that we are all a people who play a role in the life of our nation, where everyone is happy, safe and valued must feel.

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“OBON wants to create a spirit of inclusion with a common goal and a common future, in which we all try to eliminate hatred, intolerance and discrimination of all kinds so that all of our employees can feel and develop a strong and common sense of belonging to show theirs Proud, their passion and their love for our great nation. “

Hull Live has contacted a number of academy trusts in the area, but none have been able to confirm whether they will be attending.


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