Paul McCartney: I never got round to telling John Lennon I loved him

Sir Paul McCartney has said that he “never got around” telling John Lennon that he loved him, but it feels “great” to realize he is now.

The Beatles star said he and Lennon “grew up together” during an interview on stage at the Southbank Center in London.

When asked about his love for Lennon, Sir Paul said, “As 16 year old, 17 year old Liverpool children, you could never say that. It just wasn’t done.

“So I never … really just said, ‘John, love you, man’. I never got around to it.

“So now it’s great to see how much I love this man.”

He added that spending his youth with Lennon was “like walking up a flight of stairs and we were both walking side by side up those stairs.”

“I just remember how great it was to work with him and how great he was,” he said.

“Because you’re not fooling around here, don’t just sing bloggs with Joe. You sing with John Lennon. “

He added, “I realized that when I was making up songs I would suggest a line and he would suggest a line.

“That’s how we did it, we just pinged each other.

“Because he was right-handed, it was like looking in a mirror for me.

“It was great, I could see the chords I was playing in the mirror.”

Sir Paul, speaking during his first live event in two years, also contemplated the breakup of the Beatles in 1970.

“I think the biggest misunderstanding at the end of the Beatles was that I broke up the Beatles,” he said.

“I lived with it for a while and said to people, ‘No, I haven’t, no, I don’t’.

“But once there’s a headline out there, it sticks.”

Sir Paul was also asked about responding to news that Liverpool had received £ 2 million in government funding for a new Beatles attraction.

“I know that people from Japan, America, and South America all love the Beatles,” he said.

“So when you come to Liverpool they often come to what they want to see. I think it’s okay. “

He added, “I am very happy that you realize this is a tourist attraction.

“But I think you could spend the money on something else as well.”

Sir Paul made the comments during an interview with journalist Samira Ahmed to promote his new book, The Lyrics.

The book, co-written with poet and author Paul Muldoon, includes reflections on his life, creative process, and the songs he created over the years.

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