Pay respects to Prince Philip by signing our online Book of Condolence

An online condolence book has been launched to allow people to safely pay their respects to the Duke of Edinburgh for the Covid-19 coronavirus.

As part of government policy, traditional condolence books will not be available in public buildings for people to personally sign.

The official “Guide to Time for National Mourning” also urges the public not to place flowers or other memorabilia such as candles, messages and memorabilia in royal residences or other public spaces.

People are also asked not to visit the Royal Residences or to gather in public at this time and continue to obey all regulations.

However, the website is enables members of the public to pay their respects to Prince Philip in a Covid-compliant manner.

Within hours of its inception, nearly 9,000 people have signed the book, which our publishers – Reach PLC – hope will offer some comfort to the Queen, the rest of the royal family, and everyone whose lives have been touched by the Duke.

The website states: “Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, died at the age of 99 after decades of dedicated service to the country and his family. Prince Philip, the longest-serving royal consort, was with you for more than 70 years Married Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

“In addition to being the Queen’s Rock, Prince Philip has changed the lives of millions of people around the world through his Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards.

“And his tireless work for the World Wildlife Fund has ensured the plight of endangered animals, and the need to protect the natural world has been at the forefront of human thought for many years.

“When he died at the age of 99 on Friday April 9th, grief poured from all corners of the world.

“Here you can add your thoughts, wishes and memories to our permanent online memorial for the Duke and thank you for his service in his country.”

You can sign the Book of Condolences Here


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