Peacemaker: James Gunn Unveils First Poster of HBO Max Series

peacekeeper: James Gunn released the first poster for peacekeeper, a new series from HBO Max, centering on the character of John Cena in Suicide Squad. The image shows a car with the registration number “PSS-MKR” (Peacemaker) and the DC anti-hero making a peace sign with his hand.

The poster also indicates that news about the series will be presented during the DC Fandome 2021. The event will take place on October 16 and will feature content from various DC movies, series, games and comics.

As regards peacekeeper, so far, the official synopsis of the series has not been released, but Gunn has confirmed it will be a sequel to Suicide Squad. In addition, she will engage in touchpoints to introduce the character’s origin.

“Well, through history you learn where the… peacekeeper came from,” Gunn told Variety last month. “There’s a moment in the movie where Bloodthirsty talks about his father and what he was like, and you cut to a scene from the peacekeeper nod his head. That’s the seed of the whole series. So we can see the peacekeeper with his father – who is played by Robert Patrick – where he came from, what he did, what it means to him and where he is going after it all. Because he’s not a bad person, he’s just a bad guy. “He seems a bit hopeless in the movie. But I think there’s more to him. We didn’t meet him [in the Suicide Squad] the way we met some of the other characters. And that’s what the show is. I needed at least eight episodes for that.”

peacekeeper debuts on HBO Max in January 2022.

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