Pelosi: Mail-in voting will protect 'integrity of the election system' amid coronavirus

The stimulus measure passed by Congress and signed by President Donald Trump last week provides the Postal Service with a $ 10 billion loan from the Treasury Department, but has not erased or redistributed its $ 11 billion in debt he the $ 25 billion Democrats wanted to keep the federal company from bankruptcy.

Legislation also includes $ 400 million in election security grants to help states “prevent, prepare, and respond to coronaviruses.”

More than a dozen states have postponed their presidential primaries in the public health crisis, and the pivotal point for postal voting has proven difficult for election officials ahead of the November general election.

“The integrity of the electoral system is central to our democracy,” said Pelosi. “How anyone could be against the ability of states to vote by email raises so many other questions, but let’s be hopeful and let public opinion weigh it up.”

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