Pelosi on infrastructure: ‘Hopefully we will have bipartisanship’

“But we still hope that we are non-partisan.”

The spokeswoman said she directed the chairs of the relevant committees to speak to their Republican counterparts about upcoming laws.

Pelosi said any package that lawmakers end up making must be fiscally sound and that Democrats are examining tax credits, tax law, appropriation process, and the loyalty agency, among other things, to pay for new spending, which Republicans are likely to criticize.

“This is job creation that creates revenue that goes back to the Treasury Department, as opposed to what Republicans did with their tax fraud in 2017, where 83 percent of the benefits went to the top 1 percent and the almost $ 1.9 trillion in debt was … added to national debt, “Pelosi said. “You should be the last to speak about what is too expensive for the American people if we are to meet their needs.”

In a separate interview on “This Week” on Sunday, Wyoming Senator John Barrasso, the No. 3 Republican of the Senate, said he “would really like to see bipartisan infrastructure on infrastructure,” but added that House Democrats in the last Congress a would have modified the Senate’s major highway package in a way that the Senate Republican majority could not accept.

“They ignored what we did bipartisan,” said Barrasso. “If they were to adopt the model that we developed in the Motorway and Transport Committee and Senate, I think this is a very good start. I talked to Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg about it and I think that is the model in which we should be promoting transport and infrastructure. ”

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