Pensioner dies after being repeatedly bitten by snake that 'wrapped around him'

A retiree died after being attacked by a tiger snake that was still wrapped around his arm when his neighbor found him.

Winston William Fish, 78, had been repeatedly bitten by a four-foot tiger snake and he was still conscious, holding the snake’s head.

The snake had bitten Mr. Fish, a Tasmanian farmer, on his hand and inner thigh, Daily Mail Online reports.

The incident happened on January 28th and he was rushed to the hospital by helicopter.

He was treated with antidote, but unfortunately, Mr. Fisch died two days later of multiple organ failures caused by the snake venom, a coroner concluded.

Mr. Fish had been working on his farm the day he was attacked and it was his dog who sounded the alarm.

The first person on the scene “saw a snake being held by his right hand, with Mr. Fish holding its head in both hands to squeeze it,” noted Coroner Olivia McTaggart.

“She saw that it was wrapped around Mr. Fish’s right arm up to his neck and his body was moving. At this point, Mr. Fish was still conscious.”

Pensioner dies after being repeatedly bitten by snake that 'wrapped around him' 1

One of the neighbors cut off the head of the snake with a knife.

The man said Mr. Fish was “pretty bad” and that his hand went black where it was bitten.

Ambulance services transferred Mr Fish to a Hobart hospital, where he later died.

Ms. McTaggart was unable to determine the circumstances in which Mr. Fish encountered the snake, but noted that fatal bites are rare.

Despite a string of bites each year, Mr Fish is Tasmania’s third known death since 1948.

The risk of being bitten is small, Ms. McTaggart said.


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