Pensioner shocked to find 'sexually explicit' sweets being sold in seaside shop

One grandma was shocked to find “sexually explicit” candy for sale in a seaside store.

Susan Radford was with her grandchildren when she visited Bridlington at the beginning of the semester.

“Within reach of the children” were colorful, “foot-length” stone candies in the form of male genitals, says the pensioner.

The sweets that were offered for sale in the Promenade amusement park were labeled “Rock C ***” and “Big Boy”. Hull live reported.

Market Weighton’s Susan said, “Why should children be exposed to this?”

“You are becoming too sensitized.

“Don’t put them in a big store with brightly colored rocks by the sea.”

The retiree and grandma, who was a nurse for 36 years before working at York Racecourse, said she hadn’t reached the store at the time and had not found any contact information since then.

“I wanted to betray her, but the girls behind the counter were only 15 or 16 years old.”

However, Susan has contacted a number of different outlets in the past few days to see if the “pornographic candy” can be removed.

This includes trading standards, the council, the Greg Knight MP secretary, and even the police.

“The police got pretty pissed off and said it wasn’t against the law so there is nothing they can do about it,” she said.

Susan Radford

“My point is that it would be wrong if kids were taken to a porn store where something like this can be expected, so why is it okay to have this in a candy store by the sea?”

“When I was young they would have been interested, but now anything seems possible.”

She has also contacted a local Anglican church and competing candy store in Bridlington to share her outrage.

The grandma plans to stop visiting Bridlington because of the experience.

“I don’t want to go there,” she said.

“Don’t buy candy at this Bridlington store because you will be presented with it.

“I do not give up.”

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