Pentagon watchdog tapped to lead committee overseeing $2 trillion coronavirus package

The law also establishes a congressional oversight commission that is appointed by spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy Minority Leader and Senate Chuck Schumer Minority Leader. The five appointed members of this body remain to be appointed, but must submit reports within 30 days of the finance department’s payment.

But it’s the panel managed by Fine that has the broadest scope. Its task is to “develop a strategic plan to ensure coordinated, efficient and effective comprehensive monitoring by the committee and inspectors general of all aspects of the fund covered and the response of coronavirus; screening or review of the fund covered, including a comprehensive one Examination and review of the fees charged. ” federal contracts in accordance with the authorities provided for in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act to determine whether there is wasteful expenditure, poor contract or grant management or other abuses, and to refer matters that the Committee deems appropriate for an inspection to the Inspector General holds the agency that paid out the funds covered, including conducting 19 randomized fraud detection checks. “

The new law also accuses the committee of eradicating waste, fraud and abuse discovered in coronavirus response programs and acting as a link between several federal agencies involved in the effort. It gives the chairman a summonsing power and requires regular reporting to the public and Congress about his activities, including notification to the legislator if any of the inspectors general is denied information from agencies that are reviewing them.

Some of these provisions may be on a collision course with Trump, who has indicated that he intends to treat the provisions of the law that require reporting or consultation with Congress as optional.

Trump in particular has pointed out that the requirement that the “special inspector” report to Congress every time he is denied information without the President’s approval would be inappropriate, undermining a key element of control that has helped some Democrats to win that fluctuate over whether to support the $ 2 trillion bill. It is unclear whether Trump will apply this principle to Fines Panel as well.

“Glenn Fine has a strong reputation as a stubborn federal prosecutor and former inspector general of the DOJ, and must exercise his full oversight to ensure that the Trump administration implements the CARES law as intended,” Schumer said in a statement Monday.

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