People Can’t Get Over How Wild Tiger King on Netflix Is

Warning: this message contains light spoilers for Tiger King: murder, chaos and madness.

If you’ve spent some time online over the weekend, you probably know at least a little something about Tiger King: murder, chaos and madness, Netflix’s latest (incredibly bonkers) documentary series. The exhibit focuses on Joe Exotic, a man who owns a “zoo” of large cats in Oklahoma where he employs a very interesting cast of characters, including her two husbands. Her sworn enemy is a woman named Carole Baskin, who runs Big Cat Rescue and says she wants to save the big cats from those who profit from it, although she has an extremely complicated story as well. (A mini-series based on the doc is already in preparation, with Kate McKinnon attached to play Carole.)

Joe is accused of hiring someone to kill Baskin, but it’s not even close to the strangest part of this seven-part series which also introduces you to other cult owners of large cat parks, you takes you inside Joe’s Governor campaign and presents some hilarious music videos filmed by Joe, who also imagines himself a country singer.

It’s a really wonderful distraction from current real world events, and everyone is buzzing on social media. “Anyway, if you’re bored, go watch Tiger king on Netflix, this is completely crazy and every time you think “oh, at least X is normal”, surprise, they are not, they are all bullshit, “one person correctly tweeted.” The craziest thing of Tiger king is how quickly tigers become the most normal thing in the show, “wrote another.

This show really brought out the best reaction and humor GIFs. “Joe Exotic wrote a country ballad about his sworn enemy Carole Baskin murdering her husband and feeding him to their tigers. I want to be creative and mean. #TigerKing,” tweeted a viewer.

If you haven’t watched Tiger king however, do it immediately. You will not regret it. We promise.


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