People could live to the age of 180 with new era of 'supercentenarians', expert claims

Analysis of data by statisticians in Canada has shown that the ultimate limit of human life could be up to 180 years, which could weigh on society

117-year-old Kane Tanaka is currently the oldest person in the world (

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One expert has claimed that “supercentenarians” could live to be 180 years old, breaking records by 2100.

Scientists say humans could live to be 130 years old by the end of the century.

And the extreme limit of human lifespan, they claim, could result in people living up to 180 years of age.

Data from statisticians at HEC Montréal in Canada suggest that people could live far longer than the expected three points and 10 years.

Léo Belzile has suggested that the record for the oldest person still alive could be broken by 2100.

And according to scientists, humans could live to be 130 years old by the end of this century.

Kane Tanaka, born in 1903, smiles as a nursing home celebrates three days after her 117th birthday in Fukuoka, Japan



Data from statisticians at HEC Montréal in Canada has suggested that the extreme limit of human life could be up to 180 years of age.

The current record belongs to Jeanne Calment, a French woman who died in 1997 at the age of 122.

Belzile warned that some data suggest there is no upper limit to human lifespan.

He said, “Human life expectancy is well beyond any individual lifetime that has been observed or that could be observed without major medical advances.”

In the annual review of statistics and their applications, he said more people are crossing the lifespan, which could have a big impact on society.

Medical bills could skyrocket as people suffer from extreme diseases of old age.

Louisa Wilson of Ayr, Scotland, was 109 years old when she died last year


Jamie Williamson)

It could also affect social benefits, pensions and social security payments, which would put a burden on taxpayers.

More than a dozen living people are currently over 110 years old.

Professor Eileen Crimmins, a life expectancy expert at the University of Southern California, said The times : ‘You will have incredible medical bills.

“If you have to do major surgery to keep you alive and well, it will be an incredible effort to replace all of your knees, all of your hips, your corneas, your heart valves.

“We can probably do it, it’s like keeping an old car going. But at some point it will die. ‘

The International Database on Longevity – which records people who live to be 110 years or older – said the risk of death increases from age 50.

If a person hits 110, the chance of dying in the next year is 50 percent.

This means that for some models an upper service life limit of 130-180 years is possible.

Professor Crimmins added, “Nobody has lived over 122. The fact that someone could live to be 130, OK, well, what’s the big deal?

“If you roll the dice enough times, the likelihood that someone will make it a little longer is always a little higher.”

She said her immediate concern is the two-year decrease in the average lifespan in the United States since the pandemic

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