People gobsmacked after finding out the 'right' way to cut pizza

Pizza is one of the nation’s most popular takeaways and a must at parties.

However, many of us tend to clumsily pick up more than one piece as slices can stick together, making it seem like we’re eating a lot more than we should.

But it turns out there’s a much easier way to slice pizza without having to put your hands on other people’s potential slices, according to the Mirror.

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A food blogger who posts from the TikTok handle @eatmorebmore reveals how to use the little white table that usually comes in takeaway pizza boxes to separate the slices – and it actually works.

All you have to do is put the table on top of the neighboring pizza slices before you pull yourself – absolute genius.

“I actually figured out what the purpose is … I feel like a god,” commented one TikTok user while another said they are “years old today.” A third simply wrote, “I just learned that.”

But not everyone agrees, and in fact, many people said that the little white table actually has a pretty well-known purpose, which is to prevent the pizza from being crushed in the box.

“It’s not for that. It’s supposed to prevent the pizza lid from crushing the pizza,” commented one, while another added: “So the cheese doesn’t stick to the pizza box.”

Well, it might not necessarily be the only purpose, but it is certainly a great way to separate your pizza slice from others without potentially touching someone else’s slice – especially during these times.

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