People urged not to put pictures of their Covid tests online for important reason

People have been told not to post pictures of their lateral flow tests online as criminals use them to provide fake results online.

With Omicron spreading rapidly across the UK, people test regularly to make sure they are not spreading the virus.

However, the British have been warned not to post their results online as criminal gangs are selling thousands of fake Covid results and Covid passports are growing as the market for them grows.

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It is because nightclubs and entertainment venues now have to ask for Covid passports so people can enter

Shahzad Ali, CEO of Get Licensed, has warned that counterfeit Covid passports could compromise the security of venues like nightclubs and advised people not to share their lateral flow test results online.

“We have seen fake documents for many years, for example, fake ID has been a regular part of nightclubs for a number of years,” he said WalesOnline.

“This is just a new complication that door overseers will soon get used to. It was always inevitable that fake Covid passports would show up as soon as rumors of their introduction surfaced.

“While grossly unethical and potentially very dangerous, it is also illegal to use / distribute / distribute counterfeit Covid Passports and could result in fines of £ 10,000 should you be caught.

“Of course there will be a market for Covid passports, because there will be people who want to live their lives as usual and don’t have to do Covid tests for things that they didn’t have to do before. They take care of their Covid passports.

“Our advice would be not to post it on social media, not to share the code from the lateral flow that you took as others might register it as their test.

“Covid passes will potentially make the work of door guards much more difficult, especially when we consider the consequences of people who are particularly accommodating with their beliefs, it could make the job a lot more dangerous.”

Earlier this month Sky News reports that fake or fraudulent EU Covid certificates were advertised online by criminal groups.

It says that criminals are trying to profit from anti-Vaxxers across Europe to sell them Covid passports.

And now, with the increase in Covid cases and the threat of the Omicron variant, the illegal practice is said to have increased.

A few weeks ago, Sky News discovered evidence that these passports, which can be used as proof of vaccination to enter the UK, are being advertised on social media in at least nine European countries

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